The Truth About Women & Chocolate


The women who grow and pick your cocoa deserve better - better pay, fairer treatment, opportunities for training, the chance to own the land they work, and more. Thousands of women farmers and their families are going hungry, but you can change that. As one of the world's leading buyers of cocoa, your policies can make a huge difference to their lives. more...


OXFAM Roundtable "Climate Change Impacts on Grain Production"


On the 5th of March the international development organisation Oxfam conducted the round table discussion "Impact of climate change on grain production: economic assessment of potential losses up to 2050. Possible risks for national and global food security" in partnership with the Russian International Affairs Council. Georgiy Safonov, Head of Centre for Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, National Research Institute Higher School of Economics, presented the report which raised lively discussion around droughts of 2010 and 2012 and losses for grain production, as well as future of grain industry.


Momentum Rising for Behind The Brands - Oxfam


On International Women's Day, March 8th 2013, activists gathered around the country to stand up for women cocoa farmers. From M&M's World in Times Square, to the Nestle USA headquarters in Los Angeles, we called for justice for the millions of small-scale women cocoa farmers who work hard to lift their families out of poverty. Chocolate is a $100 billion industry, but most cocoa farmers live on less than $2 a day. The top 3 chocolate companies -- Mars, Mondelez and Nestle -- buy more than 30% of the world's cocoa, and their policies could help these women lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Learn more and take action at more...


Food for Change


From 25th to 29th of October, in Turin, Italy, an Oxfam international team took part in Slow Food's event- Terra Madre. Slow Food is a global organization with supporters in 150 countries, and also a Partner of Oxfam's GROW Campaign. They're linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment, bringing together consumers and producers. Oxfam is proud to be part of this movement with a vision for a world where everyone has enough to eat, always.

Another food system is possible. Join the conversation, join the movement today! more...

GROW recipes contest winner


OXFAM has announced the winner of its GROW recipes contest. more...


Altay's Melting Beauty Exhibition


The Ecological club Black Stork launched "Altay's Melting Beauty" exhibition on 28 February 2012 in the Darwin Museum in Moscow.  The museum visitors have unique opportunity to see pictures of melting glaciers for them to realize that climate change is not something abstract, but very much a reality on our planet that results from excessive consumption. The pictures were taken by youth climate leaders during the expedition to the Belukha Mountain that took place in summer of 2011 in Altay. Oxfam contributed to the  "Altay's Melting Beauty" exhibition by bringing photographs from “After the Thaw” exhibition devoted to food security issues that took place in London in autumn 2011. All of the photos were taken as part of Oxfam’s international campaign “GROW.” The stories in the pictures are about people who are trying to survive, grow crops and feed themselves, their families and their communities in spite of unpredictable seasons and precipitation when extreme weather events increase in frequency and severity.


Svetlana Maksimova: It's hard to be a farmer...


Svetlana Maksimova, a female farmer, started her farm in 1997 several years after collapse of Soviet Union when Russia was going through economic and political turmoil. Despite lots of challenges she went on to form the farmers' association in her region, and she was elected a deputy for the State Duma and is now advocating for smallholders at the national level. more...



History with Taste: Pastila from Kolomna


Natalia Nikitina, director of the pastila factory in Kolomna, Russia, speaks about her project aimed at revival of lots tastes. The town of Kolomna was always known as a place of wonderful apple gardens. There are plenty of recipes for apples’ processing. One of the most popular is the recipe of pastila. Kolomna is a birthplace for one of the ancient pastila recipes that was newly discovered by Natalia Nikitina. Now the town has the Museum of pastila and the pastila factory that produces this delicacy according to ancient recipes. The project is about attracting public attention to Russian culture and history through forgotten tastes. more...

Big Food Conversation. Nadezhda Volobueva


Big Food Conversation. Nadezhda Volobueva.
Director of the agro-company, Novosibirsk Region, Russia more...


Action at the Climate Change Conference, COP17


On the middle Saturday of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP17, thousands of people took part in a peaceful march to demand action on climate change. more...


Hungry for action at the UN Climate Conference COP17


Oxfam is in Durban, South Africa for the latest round of climate negotiations, COP 17. Oxfam kicked off our efforts with a dinner party in the sea to provide a stark illustration of the effects that extreme weather will have on our already creaking food system. Poor people already spend a big proportion of their incomes on food and this will increase if crops fail due to an unpredictable climate. more...

Big Food Conversation - Galina Shmalts and Elena Burmistrova


Big Food Conversation
Galina Shmalts, Altay Kray
Elena Burmistrova, Novosibirsk Region more...

Food and You


This animated story journeys through the broken food system and then looks at the transformation that is already underway to bring about change. It brings it back to you, the individual at the root level, and invites you to be part of the movement to grow a better future. more...

Food Speculation


This short film describes how food speculation works, what the dangers are, and what needs to be done. more...


Oxfam Ambassador Kristin Davis gets behind the East Africa food crisis appeal


Oxfam Ambassador Kristin Davis gets behind the East Africa food crisis appeal and gives an emotional description of her trip to Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp where she saw the devastating impact of the drought.

Oxfam is raising money together with the DEC for the East Africa Crisis Appeal -- The DEC is a consortium of 14 aid agencies working together in times of disasters and emergencies.

Find and more and donate - more...


Aleksander Novikov's comments at the round table on "Russia's role in the global food security system" held on the 28th of June 2011 in Moscow.


Aleksander Novikov, President of the Institute for Human and Economic problems of Food Security, was the invited speaker at the Oxfam's roundtable on "Russia's role in the global food security system" held on the 28th of June 2011 in Moscow.



Oxfam's roundtable - June 28, 2011, Moscow


Oxfam is pleased to share with you the results of the roundtable on "Russia's role in the global food security system" held on the 28th of June 2011. Our meeting was held in a period when other significant events related to food security were also taking place: the Summit of G20 Agriculture Ministers was on June 22-23, and our roundtable was during the 37th Session of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome and only two days before the scheduled lifting of the Russian grain export embargo on July 1. Food security is one of the key global issues of the moment and is going to remain so.


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