Global Day of Action Climate March, December 3rd, 2011


As world leaders struggle to reach agreement at the COP17 negotiations, civil society, organised labour, faith-based organisations, artists and musicians rallied in a peaceful march through Durban on Saturday 3rd December. more...

Contemplation (author: Yatsishina M.)<br><i>Tatyana Stepanovna has been working at a country library for a long time. She is a simple woman, very sympathetic, kind and warm-hearted one.</i>

A Different Look at The Earth


The Earth is our home and we take it for granted.  Can we look at it as if it were the first time we had seen it? Can we see it in some other way, a different one?

We have tried to do that by taking some photographs and presenting them to you. Join us and look at the things we are used to in a different way.

We are so glad to take the chance to share our vision of the planet we live on with you. The wise say that in order to find a perfect place for living one should choose a place and stay there for a year. One should stay there for all the four seasons, grow and gather the crops and only after that make a decision whether the place suits you.

Taisya Ivanovna Fyodorova, one of the people who shared their photographs with us, lives in Gorny Altai in the village of Multa. She deals with horse breeding and arranges summer horse tours for children and tourists. She works as a geography teacher and does art pottery as a hobby. Taisya Ivanovna is a creative person and is interested in many things. She is keenly observervative. You can be sure of it by looking  bat the photographs which she has taken.

We tried to show you our seasonal chores surrounding wooding, sowing, haying, and harvesting, which is such a joyful event for rural people.

When you really look at children’s eyes, or people dealing with their daily chores, or carved architecture, or your nearest and dearest, in other words all those familiar things seen in our everyday lives, you will definitely make some pleasant discoveries. more...

Taken by Anna Moiseenko, Rubtsovsk, Altay krai

Photo Contest "Rural Russia in Focus"


Winners of the Photo Contest "Rural Russia in Focus", conducted by Clicr.Ru more...


FairTrade meeting


June 29th, 2011, Moscow more...


Oxfam's roundtable on "Russia's role in the global food security system"


The roundtable on "Russia's role in the global food security system" was held on the 28th of June 2011 in Moscow. more...

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