International organization Oxfam chooses winners of the “Hands of a Woman…” competition


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Oxfam in Russia has announced the winners of the “Hands of a Woman” competition held as part of Oxfam’s international project “Female Food Hero” throughout the world.
In Russia, the competition featured two categories: illustrated story and video. Over a hundred stories were submitted about women who work off the land. The judges in the competition were astonished by the competition’s reach: materials were submitted not only from remote places in Russia, but from other countries, as well. The judges were also impressed by the personal touch in all the submissions and special love of the stories’ authors for their heroines.
At first glance, all the women in the stories would appear to be completely different: they all lead very different lives, are of various ages and marital status. Yet, if one takes a closer look, it becomes obvious that they are all similar in the active position they take in life, their great love for their families, optimism and ability to hope for the best even when times are tough. Among them, Zhumabubu Orozakunova – a farmer from Kyrgyzstan who runs a farm with 200 horses, 500 sheep and 80 cows; Yekaterina Bramman from the Krasnoyarsk region, who worked in education for 11 years, but was eventually forced to move to a small village where she chose to become a farmer. Yekaterina now manages a farm spanning 2,000 hectares of land. And “onion” mom Tatyana Kirnosova from the Volgograd region is a famous plant breeder, under whose supervision over 2,500 breeds of onions have been studied and another 3,000 breeds cultivated. And apart from them, there are many, many more whom we truly love, are deeply proud of and consider our role models.
Despite the initial idea of choosing a single winner in each nomination, the judges decided instead to give out awards to two authors and two heroines.
Winners in the “Illustrated Story” category
Heroine: Lyudmila Serova, head of Kolos agricultural cooperative, Nizhny Novgorod region, Bolshoye Murashkinsky district, Grigorovo village. Author: Irina Medinskaya.
Heroine: Tatyana Kurilenko, manager of complex No. 6, Ladozhskaya station, Ust-Labinsky district, Krasnodar region Author: Vladislav Kurilenko.
Winners in the “Video” category
Heroine: Tatyana Razumova, director, Pravda LLC, Chistopolye village, Kotelnich district, Kirov region. Author: Olga Lushnikova.
Heroine: Ratifa Islamova, head, Islamova Farm, Bashkir Republic, Mechetlin district, Staro-Meshcherovo village.  Author: Razinya Sharipova.
We would like to thank all of the authors who sent in submissions for the competition! We greatly appreciate your attention and would love to talk about all our great women working out their on the land!
You can watch all the videos and read the stories by clicking on the link

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