Oxfam launches GROW campaign


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Oxfam, globally, has launched a major new 3-year Food Justice campaign and a new report 'Growing a Better Future' which highlights the current and future challenges of rising food prices globally and how they will impact on the poor.

It was the top story on the BBC website in early June here:  and the report can be downloaded on our corporate website here:  while more general campaign information is here:  The four main focus areas are land grabs, climate change, food price spikes and support to smallholder farmers.

We have a number of international spokespeople and celebrities backing this campaign, from intellectual and moral heavyweights like Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and former President Lula of Brazil, to global A-list stars like Gael Garcia, Scarlett Johansson, Kristin Davies, Angelique Kidjo and Helena Christensen.

The campaign is launching in 45 countries in June and the roundtable in Moscow on 28 June will be the centrepiece of the Russian launch. In March we commissioned a new piece of research into the impact of Russia's grain export ban on vulnerable groups both inside and outside Russia and it is this Russia-specific report that will be the focus of discussions on the 28th, together with the global report that gained so much international attention. We are inviting a wide range of participants - the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, the Russian Grain Union, OPORA, Russian and other Chambers of Commerce, as well as analytical agencies like IKAR, and the Independent Institute for Social Policy and an Oxfam policy expert.


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