Media brief "Game-changers in the Paris climate deal: What is needed to ensure that a new agreement helps those at the front lines of climate change", 25.11.2015


Media brief "Game-changers in the Paris climate deal: What is needed to ensure that a new agreement helps those at the front lines of climate change", 25.11.2015

Oxfam applauds Muslim leaders’ climate change call to action


In response to today’s publication of the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium in Istanbul, Lies Craeynest, Food and Climate Justice lead at Oxfam International, said: “Today’s declaration is an unprecedented call by Muslim leaders to end the destruction of Earth’s resources. It follows the recent encyclical issued by Pope Francis - the head of the Catholic Church - which warned of the need to prevent catastrophic climate change and stem growing inequality." more...

Thank you letter from the Russian Grain Union to Oxfam expert Thomas Lines on the occasion of 16th International Grain Round held in Gelendzhik, Russia on 8-11 June 2015.


Thank you letter from the Russian Grain Union to  Oxfam expert Thomas Lines on the occasion of 16th International Grain Round held in Gelendzhik, Russia on 8-11 June 2015.

Declining food prices come at hard time for the battle against climate change, Oxfam experts say


The price boom on world grain markets has ended. For agricultural producers and small farmers in particular hard times have come again as the past three years witnessed a significant decline in world cereal prices. more...


G20 Civil Task Force report “Civil20 Recommendations on Strong, Sustainable, Balanced and Inclusive Growth” is released


In the run up to the St. Petersburg G20 summit the Civil 20 initiated preparing a report and recommendations to G20 focused on surmounting the risks originating from growing income inequality. A special Task Force, bringing together experts from G20 member countries has been established to draft the report. Presented and discussed within the Russian G20 Presidency Civil Society Track (, the report provides an independent analysis and proposals for a dialogue between a wide range of stakeholders and the G20 governors on the G20 concerted policies and actions to improve economic equality within their countries and beyond. more...


Food Security issues in the Eurasian region: major challenges and G8/G20 initiatives in relation with the regional situation


Welcome to the Online Consultation Food security issues in the Eurasian region: major challenges and G8/G20 initiatives in relation with the regional situation, which will be held 22 May to 16 June 2013, in both Russian and English. This four-week online consultation is initiated by the Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS). The ECFS was established by the Government of the Russian Federation at Moscow State University as a follow up to the commitment made by G8 leaders, known as the L’Aquila Food Security Initiative, to implement measures to improve world food security. more...


Easter chocolate profits should push Mondelēz to do better by women farmers


In a week that will see seventy-one million pounds of chocolate sold for Easter, international agency Oxfam is accelerating its campaign targeting the world’s biggest buyer of cocoa, Mondelēz International, to address unequal pay, poverty and hunger that women farmers who supply cocoa for their products experience. On Tuesday, Mars and Nestle announced they will take steps to begin to address these issues in their own supply chains, but Mondelēz has yet to make similar commitments. more...


Behind the Brands


Behind the Brands is part of Oxfam’s GROW campaign to help create a world where everyone has enough to eat. Right now, nearly one in eight people on earth go to bed hungry. Sadly, the majority of these people are farmers or farm workers supplying the very food system that is failing them.  Yet there is enough food for everyone. That’s an outrage – but we can be the generation that ends this crazy situation. more...

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CFS meeting must face up to high food prices and end the inaction on hunger: Oxfam


With abnormally high food prices and slowing efforts to tackle global hunger, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) must now energise governments to begin fixing the broken global food system, at its annual meeting in Rome from Oct 15 – 20. The meeting follows last week’s release of the State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012 report which revealed that nearly 870 million people are chronically undernourished, and global progress in reducing hunger has stalled.

Rome-based UN Agencies issue statement on high food prices


4 September 2012, Rome - Joint statement on international
food prices from the three Rome-based UN Agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural  Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP): Tackling the root causes of high food prices and hunger


Emergency Food Price Meeting Op Ed


The G20 must give the green light to an emergency meeting to tackle rising food prices, resulting from the US drought, before they spiral out of control and push more people into hunger.  This meeting will signal that political leaders are taking successive food price crises seriously.  It will also be the first test for the new Rapid Response Forum that was created last year by the G20 to coordinate the global response to rising food prices.



Statement from «Save Khoper» Movement on the Problem of Copper-Nickel Mining


Thanks to Oxfam support, Dmitriy Shevchenko, Coordinator of the Environmental Watch on Northern Caucasus, raised concerns over the projected launch of nickel mining activities in Russia's southern Voronezh region at Rio summit. more...


International organization Oxfam chooses winners of the “Hands of a Woman…” competition


Oxfam in Russia has announced the winners of the “Hands of a Woman” competition held as part of Oxfam’s international project “Female Food Hero” throughout the world. In Russia, the competition featured two categories: illustrated story and video. Over a hundred stories were submitted about women who work off the land. The judges in the competition were astonished by the competition’s reach: materials were submitted not only from remote places in Russia, but from other countries, as well. more...

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Ending poverty need not be at the expense of the environment says Oxfam report


Ending poverty need put no additional stress on the planet’s natural resources, according to a new report published today by international agency Oxfam. According to the paper’s author Kate Raworth, human deprivation and environmental degradation must be tackled together as humanity’s two major operating boundaries – “social boundaries” like hunger, inequality and ill-health and the “planetary or environmental boundaries” like climate change and biodiversity loss - are inextricably linked. more...


Oxfam was listed the third in 2012 Top 100 Best NGOs by The Global Journal


GENEVA - The Global Journal is proud to announce the release of its inaugural ‘Top 100 Best NGOs’ list. The first international ranking of its kind, this exclusive in-depth feature will no doubt stimulate debate, while providing academics, diplomats, policymakers, international organizations and the private sector an insight into the ever changing dynamics and innovative approaches of the non-profit world and its 100 leading actors.


Recipes submitted for GROW campaign contest


GROW in Russia has conducted the contest of recipes. We invited our visitors to submit their recipes of dishes made of local products. You can now look at all these recipes and cook all these meals yourself.



Extreme weather endangers food security worldwide


Durban climate talks must deliver action to prevent spiraling hunger. In the last year extreme weather events shocked global markets contributing to soaring wheat prices and imperiling food security in many parts of the world, according to research compiled by Oxfam at the start of the Durban climate talks. more...

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day


Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all. For 2011, our Blog Action Day coincides with World Food Day, so our topic of discussion for this year will  be food.  Take the first step now and sign-up your blog to Blog Action Day and then look at our suggested topics for some food flavoured inspiration to discuss. more...

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Get ready for GROW Week. 15-22 October 2011. Join!


GROW is all about food. We love eating it, sharing it, growing it and celebrating it. From our first bites to our most memorable dinners, it's a part of all our lives. It joins friends, families and communities together all over the world. It's a part of all our customs and traditions. This makes it powerful.
GROW Week is a week of celebration and inspiration. It will bring us together with farmers, producers, bloggers, consumers, food writers, cooks and other campaigners from over 40 countries. more...


Why the UN’s Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is critical to eradicating hunger


Almost one billion people – one in seven of humanity - go to bed hungry every day. Global food prices are set to remain high and highly volatile. The scramble for land in developing countries risks undermining the ability of poor communities to feed themselves and make a living. Without major policy changes, the impacts of climate change and depletion of natural resources are set to turn the current food crisis into a human catastrophe. more...


Oxfam response to latest FAO food price index


Urgent action needed by governments to tackle root causes of crisis at next week's UN Committee for World Food Security. more...


Big Food Conversation Online survey results


Here are the results of a survey carried out by Oxfam as part of the Big Food Conversation. In May 2011, Oxfam announced the launch of the Big Food Conversation global initiative, a key event of which was a survey carried out by an independent public opinion research company, GlobeScan, in 15 countries across the globe.



Oxfam launches GROW campaign


Oxfam, globally, has launched a major new 3-year Food Justice campaign and a new report 'Growing a Better Future' which highlights the current and future challenges of rising food prices globally and how they will impact on the poor. more...

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