Svetlana Arkhipova

Svetlana Arkhipova, Novosibirsk region, Suzunsk district, Malyshevo village (on the Ob River)


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Svetlana Arkhipova lives in the Malyshevo village, where she was born and lived her whole life. She has two sons, one of whom is 7 years old and the other 13. Svetlana works in the Malyshev medical clinic as a nurse.
The village’s agriculture is gradually deteriorating – similar to what’s happening in other Russian villages. It’s been several years now since people last owned cattle, and the harvesting areas have been reduced to a minimum. There is almost no work at all for people living in villages. Despite this deterioration, however, people continue living there, since they have nowhere else to go and no opportunities to leave. Considering that, they live to the best of their abilities, have households and raise children.
“We spend half of our family’s budget on food. And if there is a holiday, my salary is gone in the blink of an eye. We spend less on food products now, though, and our family garden really helps. We grow our own vegetables and our animals provide us with eggs and dairy products.
I believe the price of food products is greatly affected by natural disasters. If there is a drought, for example, it is only logical that the harvest is insufficient, and as a result, the prices are high. Also, food prices are affected by the price for oil. I’ve noticed that food prices have gone up recently, and this has definitely affected my family – we eat the same things, but in lesser quantities.
When I go grocery shopping, my choice of products is influenced by price and availability. My family is used to eating meat, but today, since the prices are so high, we rarely can afford that luxury. For the most part, we eat meat in the winter months, when we kill our animals. The amount of food is sufficient when the prices for food products are affordable. We want more affordable products and a greater selection!
The last time I ate was dinner, and I had my favorite dish – manty. For breakfast, I had a bun with poppy seeds and tea. I hope we will have a better life in the future, and that our children will have everything they need, and will be able to feed their families but spend less on food than we do now.”

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