Nadezhda Petchenina making pel'meni

Big Food Conversation: Nadezhda Petchenina, Chairman of Shoria NGO, Kemerovo Region


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1.    What’s your favorite dish? - Pel’meni (Ravioli).
2.    What did you have for breakfast today? – Jellied minced meat, cottage cheese, and tea with honey.
3.    Are there any certain products that you like to use but for some reason or another cannot afford right now? What kind of products are they and why can't you use them now? - Fish, meat (veal), fruit, because they are all very expensive and of poor quality (because of chemicals, pesticides).
4.    Do you consider the products that you consume on a daily basis to be sufficient? – Not fully sufficient.
5.    What is your biggest food-related problem? (example: "sufficient amount of food,” “problem of eating healthy,” “cost of food products,” “food safety (pesticides, etc.)) - The biggest problem for me is food safety and high prices. 
6.    What factors influence your choice of products? (price, availability, health issues) – health issues and price.
7.    What factors do you think influence the price and availability of products (weather conditions and natural disasters, availability of fertilizers, loans to farmers, state policy, prices for oil and transportation of products, consumer demand, etc.)? - State policy, oil prices and prices for transportation of food products.
8.    Have you noticed that food prices have gone up lately? Has this affected your “food habits” in any way? - Definitely, all prices have gone up, and I have to cut back on many things.
9.    What share of your income do you spend on food? - A major part of it, excluding key payments (utilities, telephone).

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